Famous me on TV


Well I knew I was clever, but now it seems they have made a television commercial about me. To keep my identity secret, it is a cartoon. Smokey (my pig friend) and Lofty are also there. Should be on television soon. Watch out for it. Lofty told me it is also on a thing called YouTube.

Been very busy training, but there is still time every day for a swim in the river.

See you at the Show. Very soon.



A visit to the NAB Arena


I’ve been in the car again going to the Sydney Showground for  a bit of a run around the NAB Arena. It’s as big as the home paddock at my place. Everything my master shouted to me seemed to echo all around and sometimes it was a bit hard to hear. But I did okay and managed to do everything that I had practiced. A bit of barbecued chicken always helps.

At home I’m getting used to some other animals. Cattle don’t bother me, but I’m not too sure about all the horses. There’s one called Lofty and he’s enormous. He was telling me he’s going to be on television.

We’ll see.


Training hard


Wow, I’ve been so busy. Training is happening everyday now and I’ve learnt so much already. I “walk on command” – that’s what they say, but what I really do is walk for treats. Sometimes I sneak a bit of food when they aren’t looking and hide it in the shed, so I can go back later when I’m a bit peckish.

My master showed me the Easter Show website last night – you can plan everything that you want to do. You can even see what showbags you want to buy.

They’ve  got one for dogs!

See you at the Show.


Training begins


I’m all worn out from my first couple of days of training, but lots of exciting things are happening.

I went to the Canberra show and won best of breed. This means I’m the smartest and the best looking dog there.

I’ve started my training for the big Show. They gave me all sorts of yummy treats to try.  They think they will make me be good and do just what they tell me. But what I really like best is a pat and a cuddle and if I’m really lucky, a swim in the river.

They’ll work that out eventually. Hope they read this.

Off to bed, see you at the Show.


On the road


I’ve been to Sydney today to visit the Showground. This is where the big Show is in April where I’m going to be a star. It was a bit scary when I looked into the Arena. They let me go into the Members’ Stand to meet some of the people who work there. They all got showbags. I put my nose inside it and had a good smell.

Tomorrow I’m going to Canberra to their show to have a bit of a look around – will catch up with some of my other friends who will be coming to Sydney.

On Monday, I’m going to start training. I think being famous is going to be hard work.

I can’t wait to show you all how clever I am.

See you at the Show.


Pigs might fly


I’ve been out today visiting my friend Smokey.  He’s a pig and pretty smart (like me – but not as handsome).

He’s having swimming lessons!

He told me he is also going to the Show in Sydney and is going to dive from a tall tower into a tub of water.  I think he’s kidding me – he’ll have to learn to swim first..

The next think he’ll be saying is that pigs can fly.


Me and my friend

I'm sure he has some food in his hand

I'm sure he has some food in his hand

Famous me


I must be famous.  There was some people who call themselves photographers here today.   They said they were going to put me in the newspaper. Wow, is that clever.  I can’t wait to see what I look like.

Will I look handsome?  My family say I am.


Feeling a bit sad


I’ve been thinking about all those people in the bushfires and I’m feeling sad. I don’t know what I can do, but I’m sure you can do something. I know how scary a fire is and no matter how fast and clever you are, you just can’t run faster than the fire.

I’m thinking about everyone who has lost someone or something. Keep safe.


More hot weather


It’s been another hot day, but I’ve just come inside and had a big drink.  I’m not usually allowed inside, but because it’s so hot I can sleep on the verandah tonight.  I love it  here. I prick up my ears and I listen to all the night noises on the farm.  The cattle munching away in the paddock and the chooks clucking to each other as they settle on their perches for the night.

On the verandah I can keep a close watch on my family. They think I’m sleeping, but I’m really watching everything they do.  Soon they will all be in bed and I can go to sleep. I have to get up early in the morning and check the new calves.

I wonder if there will be any more born tomorrow?