Tired but excited

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had any time to tell you what I’ve been doing. Every night I’ve been going into the NAB Arena and for the last three nights I’ve been sharing the spotlight with John Williamson.
It’s been great. Everyone singing along when he played True Blue.

Some people cry when I lose my best friend Jess, but at the end after a lot of travels, I find her at last.

Off to bed now. Very tired out.

See you at the Show



2 Responses to “Tired but excited”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Hi yah Bluey,

    YOU WHERE AWESOME….we enjoyed the “True Blue’ show so much we have decided to come back again to see it once more.
    I hope they gave you extra food and pats for your performance ?



  2. Brian Says:

    Hi Bluey,

    We made the long haul from out west to watch some cattle judging and decided to stay and watch the show.
    You where just great. The family really enjoyed it (so did I ).
    I bet you will be so glad to get back to the farm and lay on your verandah once this job is done.

    well done Bluey.


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