Only one more sleep

At last – tonight’s the dress rehearsal and I finally get to show you what I’ve learnt. It’s so exciting and I can’t wait. And then tomorrow I will see all my new friends.

See you at the Show – soon.



3 Responses to “Only one more sleep”

  1. Daniel Says:

    hey bluey im comin to the easter show on monday i will see you there ill be the one with all the showbags there my favourite bit about the show except for you whats your favourite???

  2. Isaac Says:

    Hi Bluey,

    My easter parade with my “stumpy” tail cattle dog went very well. Everybody loved her and she got lots of claps and cheers and of course heaps of pats.
    I came to the easter show on Friday to watch the “stumpy” judging with my mum and she lets us stay for the night and watch the True Blue show and we heard John Williamson sing. He was good BUT YOU where awesome.

    So much noise,the lights and the fire and sheep and cows and horses but you never missed a beat. You are such a brave “stumpy’ when you are used to living on a farm. I think my girl would of been a bit scared by all that noise.

    I LOVED the show and my favourite bit was the “dream” part. We are coming again on the last day to watch the show we loved it that much.
    ( If I am a good boy mum says we can ) I am only 6 years old so my mum is writing this for me but I am telling her what to write.

    Isaac & Dewie

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