a poem from Robyn

Robyn wrote this poem about me – I really like it.  There’s lots more on Facebook – check us out on the Sydney Royal Easter Show Group

Round that bloody sheep up “Blue”
Watch that old cow too.
Bring him round that’s a boy.
I’ll open the gate
You chase him through!!!
Nip him on the heals mate.
Make him move like hell
Bark a bit, intimidate
Ah ya doing well!
Bring the cattle down now mate
Watch that flamin snake!
Bring the cattle round boy
Gently as you go.
Don’t want a darn stampede mate.
They’d go over the cliff you know!!
Got a juicy steak mate
Back at the homestead just for you.
I really do appreciate mate.
Everything you do..


4 Responses to “a poem from Robyn”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hi Bluey!
    Im Sarah, everyday i come and check to see if you have any new blogs! That is an awsum poem from Robyn! I just have a question for you and that is, have you ever competed or been a show dog at the Royal Easter show?
    Hope you reply.


  2. Isaac Says:

    Good Morning Bluey,

    On Thursday the 9th, at our school, we are not having an easter hat parade this year. We have to go dressed up from a “theme” from Sydney Royal. I am going with my Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog and we are going to be from the “True Blue” show. (I hope you don’t mind? )

    My mum had to ring the principal to ask for special permission to take our beautiful “stumpy” girl and guess what ? the principal said YES. She is very quiet and loves people and children so I am just so excited.
    My mum will give her a bath on Thursday morning as we live on a dairy farm and I can’t take her for the parade after working the dairy cows unless she is all squeaky clean. I don’t think it’s a competition but I am still excited to go to the parade with my “stumpy” as True Blue.

    Thanks for letting me share

    Isaac & Dewie

  3. Olivia Says:

    Hi Bluey

    I think that the easter show is awsome. Is the first thing people say when the here your name and look at you is that you don’t have a strong colour blue? That was the first thing my sister said.


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