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The Last Show


Only one more sleep and then the last show.  I’ve had a great time even though it’s rained some nights.

Tomorrow is the last show and I’m feeling a bit sad that it will all be over.  I’ve had a great time, even wearing the make-up was okay.  I’ve worked with lots of great people and I love i when you all sing with me at the end.

Off to bed now, very tired.  I’m looking forward to the last day and then home to the farm again.

Back to being a working dog.

See you at the Show one more time.



The Grand Parade


I’ve just been watching the Grand Parade. It was wonderful.  All those horses and cattle and even pigs.  I loved it.

Have to go – on stage in an hour.

See you at the Show


The Show goes on


Well it rained tonight, but I didn’t care. We all still went out there and told our story even though it was a bit soggy. Rain doesn’t stop a working dog. The cattle were a bit skittish, but with the help of my friends it was still alright.

See you at the Show.


Tired but excited


I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had any time to tell you what I’ve been doing. Every night I’ve been going into the NAB Arena and for the last three nights I’ve been sharing the spotlight with John Williamson.
It’s been great. Everyone singing along when he played True Blue.

Some people cry when I lose my best friend Jess, but at the end after a lot of travels, I find her at last.

Off to bed now. Very tired out.

See you at the Show


Only one more sleep


At last – tonight’s the dress rehearsal and I finally get to show you what I’ve learnt. It’s so exciting and I can’t wait. And then tomorrow I will see all my new friends.

See you at the Show – soon.


a poem from Robyn


Robyn wrote this poem about me – I really like it.  There’s lots more on Facebook – check us out on the Sydney Royal Easter Show Group

Round that bloody sheep up “Blue”
Watch that old cow too.
Bring him round that’s a boy.
I’ll open the gate
You chase him through!!!
Nip him on the heals mate.
Make him move like hell
Bark a bit, intimidate
Ah ya doing well!
Bring the cattle down now mate
Watch that flamin snake!
Bring the cattle round boy
Gently as you go.
Don’t want a darn stampede mate.
They’d go over the cliff you know!!
Got a juicy steak mate
Back at the homestead just for you.
I really do appreciate mate.
Everything you do..