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I’m in the paper today again.  I know because I saw my master reading it on the verandah.  I siddled along the edge and then jumped up next to him so he dropped it on the ground.  Then I got a really good look.  Seems I’m on the front page and some more inside.

Today I’m having a bit of a rest, a snooze behind the cowshed and a bit of swim this afternoon.  Then it’s back to training hard on Monday.

Smokey says he’s also training. He says he’s practicing diving off the windmill into the water tank.  I still think he’s making it up.

See you at the Show



3 Responses to “Read all about me”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hi Bluey!

    I would of commented on all of your blog posts but that would of taken a verrry long time! all of your adventures sound so fun, its good that you have time to train and to play! I hope that i get the chance to meet you when i go to the show! I am very excited for the show!! Well its getting late and i have school in the morning, so i better be off.



  2. Lhara Says:

    Hi Bluey,

    Im goin to the show this year in the 14th. I can’t wait to go there again cuz we have gone evy year even when i was aout 4. It will be fun having u there and looking forward to meeting u. I want to ask u a question and maybe it will spread”Sould the eastr show be a free enty because we already have to pay alot when we get in there like showbags and food and toys.etc. My wish is that next year they will change it to being entree’ for free. Do u believe me or do u think its ok wat they are doin now. I have to go now because i have to go to bed because i have netball tomorrow, Wish me luck.

    ttly bye


    • eastershow Says:


      I’m glad that you’re coming to the Show. I know it costs to come in – but it’s not so bad when you think that’s there’s lots to do inside for free. You can see all the animals for free and me every night in the NAB Arena. As well is something called Xtreme Korruption and the fireworks. I put my paws over my ears when this is on – it’s a bit too noisy for dogs. Sometimes my master brings my dinner from home and some water in bottle. Perhaps your master could do that as well.

      See you soon


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