Training hard

Wow, I’ve been so busy. Training is happening everyday now and I’ve learnt so much already. I “walk on command” – that’s what they say, but what I really do is walk for treats. Sometimes I sneak a bit of food when they aren’t looking and hide it in the shed, so I can go back later when I’m a bit peckish.

My master showed me the Easter Show website last night – you can plan everything that you want to do. You can even see what showbags you want to buy.

They’ve  got one for dogs!

See you at the Show.



2 Responses to “Training hard”

  1. Jamie Says:

    hi Bluey
    My name is jamie elvy

    i anm a volunteer & also a Casual Staff Member orf Sydney royal easter show i luv working for the ras Sydney shoe ground see ya soon bluey luv from Jamie xxxxxxx

  2. Billie Says:

    Hi Bluey!

    My name’s Billie Bob Tail (and I’m a girl!). My mum’s a blue stumpy, and my dad’s a kelpie/dingo cross.

    I’ve got a stumpy tail (with a white spot at the end) and a red spotty coat with a red mask.

    I saw my tail the other day but couldn’t catch it! Most people think I’ve been docked. When my tail wags the whole of me wags!

    I’ll be watching out for you!

    Go the stumpies!

    from Billie Bob Tail.

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