On the road

I’ve been to Sydney today to visit the Showground. This is where the big Show is in April where I’m going to be a star. It was a bit scary when I looked into the Arena. They let me go into the Members’ Stand to meet some of the people who work there. They all got showbags. I put my nose inside it and had a good smell.

Tomorrow I’m going to Canberra to their show to have a bit of a look around – will catch up with some of my other friends who will be coming to Sydney.

On Monday, I’m going to start training. I think being famous is going to be hard work.

I can’t wait to show you all how clever I am.

See you at the Show.



2 Responses to “On the road”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hi Bluey,
    It was good to meet you today at Canberra Royal. You really are a handsome boy.
    It seems you had a very busy day at the Sysdney showground meeting and greeting.
    Didn’t they give you a showbag of your own?

    I am really looking forward to seeing you again at Sydney Royal.


  2. eastershow Says:

    I’m so excited – I won the best in breed at the Canberra Royal, so I must be as handsome and my friends tell me. You have to be smart as well. Looking forward to a good long sleep tonight and then I’m in training tomorrow for the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

    Might just lie down on the verandah right now, it’s pretty quiet tonight on the farm.


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