Hello world

Hello, my name’s Bluey and I’m an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog.

I live on a farm in the country with all my friends. This year I’m going to Sydney for the first time.  I’m going to be part of the Sydney Royal Easter Show.  I’m not too sure what I have to do, but I’m very excited.

The reason they call me “stumpy” is that I have a very small tail, it certainly doesn’t mean I’m short. I’m actually rather handsome and very clever.

Sorry, have to go I can hear my master calling and I have work to do on the farm.



26 Responses to “Hello world”

  1. Brian Says:

    Morning Bluey,

    Its your daughter “Magda”. I really miss you and mum & the farm but my new family love me to bits. I would like to send you a picture of me nearly grown up, but I can’t work out how to send it on your new address, I can’t find the address to mail it to!
    I look just like you. I am going to be just as clever too.

    My new family have shown me their cows and they are just like ours. I will be working them but my new mum and dad said I have to wait till I am a bit bigger.

    I miss you lots.

    Licks & slurps from your daughter

  2. eastershow Says:

    Hello sweetheart,

    I miss you too. Maybe you’ll be coming to the show?
    I’d love to see a picture of you in your new home.

    You can send it to my email address bluey@rasnsw.com.au and I’ll put it up on my blog.

    Keep safe and maybe your new friends will let you sleep inside if you are lonely.


  3. Brian Says:

    Hi Daddy,

    As soon as my new mummy gets on the computer again and shows me how to send you a picture of me I will send you one.

    My new family let me sleep inside and I have a little human brother and we are getting on very well. I am behaving myself and you would be very proud of me. My new family are taking me and my new little human brother for lots of car drives and walks around the farm to see all the new calfs and sheep and ducks and they even have chooks. They are fun and I would LOVE to chase them but I am not allowed.

    I will send you a picture soon. I miss you.

    Licks and slurps from your daughter

  4. Magda Says:

    Hi daddy,

    How is the “training” going ? Sounds like lots of fun.

    I am good. I am behaving myself (most times.)
    Every now and then I forget just how little my new human brother is and I jump on him because I am so excited to see him when he wakes up. My new mum is wise and takes me for a BIG long walk before my little human brother wakes up- so I am tired and calm when he wakes up and sit quietly for pats.

    On Wednesday’s my new mother takes my little human brother and me to the library. I get tied up on the rail and watch through the window while they read books and play.

    I don’t get lonely because I can see them and I get LOTS of pats from the other people who go inside.

    I am still missing you lots but am loved to bits in my new home.

    licks & slurps from your daughter
    Magda .p.s did the mail man deliver the pictures I sent to you of me all grown up (nearly)

  5. Suzannah Says:


  6. Ade H Says:

    Hello. YOu sound a lot like My mums old dog and i liked him. Are you Black or Brown. I am really excited about the Easter Show. i hop eeveryone has Fun. Bye Ade H.

    • eastershow Says:

      Hi Ade,

      I’m sort of blue with black and a bit of white fleck. Certainly not grey as I’m really quite a young dog.
      See you at the Show.


  7. (L)tara(L) Says:

    you are soooooooooooooo cute

  8. Jenny Says:

    Hi Bluey,
    We have a dog called Buddie, who is a blue cattle dog cross.
    He’s the best, and in awe of your celebrity status at the show.
    Have a great time, cattle dogs are real little Aussie battlers.


  9. Sarah Says:

    Hi, this is sooo cute! I love the easter show and go to it every year since i can remember!

    Any way the main reason i wrote this reply is so that i could say how cute you are and how much i love the easter show!


  10. molls Says:

    Hey Bluey,
    Its Mollie.I am sorta guessing youre a blue cattle dog.I have a blue cattle dog called Zorro.He has two black eye patches around his eyes that is why he is called Zorro.Anyway we call you the other half of Zorro because half of you looks like one half him.

    Thanks for reading my comment.


  11. molls Says:

    sorry for not writtin this be4 i am a11 year old girl who thinks cattle dogs are the best

  12. Miss Jess Says:

    Hi Bluey,

    Its good that you will be at the show this year your definately true blue mate. I’m an Australian Red Cattle Dog very spoilt I have my own wardrobe, my daughters are red stumpy tail and their father a blue stumpy tail. We like swimming, going out in the ute or boat. Wish I could come to the show as I love being around people. Well us cattle dogs are very smart and should be shown off to the public. have a great time at the show mate.


    Miss Jess (country dog nsw)

  13. abi:) Says:

    dear bluey,

    iam so glad your going to the easter show beacause im going so i cant wait to see you there .and this is good because when igrow up i want to be a vet and when my parents told me that we were going to the easter show this year the first thing i said was omg i have got to go and see bluey and the animals.i love you.
    love abi:)xxo ily

    p.s cant wait to see you there

  14. Emma Says:

    Hi Bluey,

    I love the Easter Show. Actually, I am going there today.
    I have’t been there for three years so I am sooooooo

    P.S I hope my parents let me see you there!

  15. BLUEY Says:

    Hi Bluey,
    my name is bluey too. I’m an Australian Cattle Dog (not stumpy), 1 year old and have read all about you in the paper. My family is coming to see you at the easter show. I would’ve loved to come see you but i have to stay home and guard the yard mate.

    From your biggest fan

  16. BLUEY Says:

    Hi mate,
    Sorry i m writing to you again but me and my famaily have some questions for you.
    were you really scared when you got lost, and who is jess?
    On average, how much cattle do youhave to round up each day?

    Thats all.
    From Bluey and my family [Rob, jacquie, courtney and robert]

    • eastershow Says:


      Jess is my best friend. She is the daughter of my master.
      I do get scared when I’m lost…but it’s great when they find me again.

      Got to run – on in an hour.


  17. tom Says:

    G’day Bluey,

    I liked the show heaps. Had lots of fun. I gotta ask you something.
    Do you live in NSW if so where?
    Oh, I forgot will you be in the show next year?



  18. tom Says:


    if you were in the dog contest did you get a great score?

    I know you did I think

  19. tom Says:

    sorry forgot to say bye………bye and I hope you came 1st.

  20. abi:) Says:

    well yesterday i went to the easter show and i saw the pig diving baby animals and the story of true blue

    love abi xxo ily

  21. Sweetie Says:

    Hi, Bluey,
    I’m a blue heeler too, and I was born on a big ranch, with plenty of space to run like the wind. My Mom and I drove across the US and back, and we had a great time. I didn’t snore, but she does! Now I live in Florida, but we like the ranch better. It’s hot here. And I don’t know what the Easter Show is.
    Bye, y’all.

  22. ella Says:

    so happy to see your lovely bluey.
    we have a female stumpy tail bule heeler, her name is bu, DOB 17/07/2007. it is sooooooooooo hard to find a boyfriend for her, haha ~

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